Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Morning Call

It's been an amazing week.

Me, who usually really dislikes going out, has been out for everyday of the week. Cept for Wednesday.

And everyday, I've had something(someone) to look forward to.

And now on the eve of the week of shoot, there's a wistful feeling.

The not-so-sudden but still shocking anyway realization that I won't have time for the next week. Everyday is gonna be at least 12 hours long. From the hours in the morning where the sun is barely up, until past the time where everybody's already home from the office or w/e.

No time to meet or chat. Maybe the odd text here and there.

Well yeah it's only a week but, it's funny what feelings of attachment can do to a person.

The time that I've had with you, have always always always felt too short.

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