Friday, September 30, 2011

In My Head

Yay lepak day. Stay at home all day lazing around xD. Only went out to get lunch and buy bubble tea cos I don't think I can afford to order mcdelivery.

For lunch I had economic rice with fish, egg, veg and curry sauce. It has been a long time since I ate rice. Then head down to koi. I got the passion fruit green tea. Siao liao, I becoming an addict already. =(

I think I woke up close to 1pm. And after lunch and stuff, took a nap around 5. So shiok. And I have tomorrow off as well so I can stay up really late and sleep until noon or something.


Something sad happened. My earpiece has some sort of problems in the wiring. Unless I adjust the position of it very precisely, I only hear echoes. Which means I can't use it anywhere other than home.

No music outdoors. =(

Oh, and I think it's time to re-contract to get a new phone. The current phone I'm using is clunky, laggy and unresponsive. Fuck it doesn't even vibrate when I get a message and it has nothing to do with settings.

I should do that tomorrow since I have it off as well.


CNBLUE new japanese song !

In My Head

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just like that.

My off day is almost over. Back to 2 days of tedious kitchen work washing / chopping / getting burned. And stuff. But its also 2 days of earning money. Then having Friday and Saturday off before the 10 hour grind on Sunday.

Fucking Money. It's like a love/hate relationship.

I love having it to spend but I hate working to get it.

Especially in such a dangerous job when I never know when I might get into an accident. Maybe its just me but I don't think its wise to lug heavy stuff around in a kitchen that is almost always slippery due to oil and water and whatnot. Oh and the fire. Idk why it has to be so hot. Just standing beside the cooking area is almost unbearable. Not to mention all the mishaps I get into when dealing with fire.

Yup. Making glorified fast food is freaking dangerous. I guess that's why the pay is higher than working at Macs or something.

Doing opening is simple enough but closing is a serious bitch. Cleaning up the whole freaking kitchen. Lugging stuff out of the fridge to wash it. And throwing water all over the damn place. I dunno I just got the feeling I'll slip and knock my head and die someday.

And honestly I am actually kinda glad now that my parents want me to quit when school starts. And I don't think I can handle a job + school at the same time. Doesn't help that being in an assignment based course, the time I have to commit to projects outside of school hours is kinda volatile, dunno can't think of a better word for it. I just don't think I can manage working at least thrice a week.

But aiya for now. Endure the scoldings and do better. For the money.

Hmm well enough bitching about work.

Woke up at 2 pm today. Order Mcdelivery. Laze around. Sleep from 5-8. Laze around more.

This is the life.

And just like that. Only 2 and a bit weeks of holidays left.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Melon Milk Tea 30% Sugar

Is what I bought from Gongcha after work. It was pretty good but I don't think its worth $3.10.

Having to wake up at 7.30 on a Sunday morning is ridiculous. By my standards at least. And I have to work an almost 12 hour shift tomorrow as well. 1030 am to 1000 pm. Ok well I guess 10.5 hours cos of break. So its like uh 4 hours more than what I usually work. Damn good thing I have Tuesday off. And Friday, and Saturday.

Oh and thank guan yin ma only 1 full-day shift.

Went to Darling Toh's metal gig yesterday with HJ and Bryan. There were some delays so we ended really late. Like close to midnight. Lucky the trains were still running. The music wasn't really to my taste but there were some that I quite enjoyed. I guess those were the ones with less screaming/growling and I could actually hear and understand what the front man was singing. I dunno why they shut off the air-con around 11. The last few bands had to sweat it out in the room. Toh was drenched by the time he was done.

But then it was pretty fun. Lying down on the grass outside the venue talking nonsense with the group. It was pretty damn funny.

Haiya, really not looking forward to work tomorrow.


Tetra-Fang - Message

From the still-dark morning’s town
The darkness is slowly lifting yo
Tell me, I’m searching
for the answer to when the dazzling light will shine

If you were here
what would you say…tell me
from a distant, far-off time I prayed

“The gradation that mixes morning and night’s colors
is a landscape that won’t exist twice
It’s how things are and so it’s beautiful”
Your message

See me, I’m walking
it’s fine at my own speed, it’s fine even if there isn’t a map

If you were here beside me
what you’d probably say is…it’s all right
The sky is always above me

“The clouds flow, their shapes changed by the wind
things change
the things that don’t change are the important things”
Your Message

“The gradation that blends morning and night’s colors
is a moment that won’t exist twice”
I won’t forget

“The clouds flow, their shapes changed by the wind
things change
the things that don’t change are the important things”
I’ll accept it always
Your message

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Time

Washing scallops feels freaking disgusting. I think I almost puked the 1st time I did it back in day 1. It's just so like jelly-ish and slimy and eurgh.

I still do things slowly and with much less finesse than the experienced workers. It's not that I dunno how. Ok I dunno how to cook things and I dunno how they gonna help me to learn how to cook all the freaking dishes.

After work today was when the day really started.

Hung out at 'Hariss Planerds' while waiting for the others to show up. It's freaking nerd heaven lol. It's basically a book store stocking various Sci-fi , fantasy novels. Comic books from DC , Marvel etc and even manga. Also stuff like D & D.

Yeah and finally met up with Haizul after so long. Haha she said I look like I got skinner. And I think I agree. Wtf I got no idea how I can tie an apron so tightly but it still somehow manages to slip off.

We had LJS for dinner. Then we went through HMV, Planerds and H & M.

I think I don't get the concept of fashion at all. I think all the trends nowadays are weird as hell. Waddup with high waist shorts. I dunno why people wear it. I think it looks totally weird.

Then took train home cos for some reason the 162 doesn't show.

Really quiet. Tired, drowsy.


Still I don't believe at all that it's not my fault whatsoever.

Why would I be punished for something that's not my fault.

It just doesn't make sense.

I try not to think about it.

But it just keeps coming back to me.

Maybe if I'd stepped forward to try and resolve things. I dunno.

It's really really frustrating.

I really dunno what to do ugh.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Paine and Panicke

Tomorrow is day 3 of work.

I am more nervous than I am on day 2.

I have already forgotten where stuff are kept.

I haven't studied the menu at all.

And I think I'm gonna have to do opening by myself ah.


I can already envision myself screwing up something big time.


Ah well.

I'll take it as it comes.

Today was really fun.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I woke up around 1pm today. I love sleeping.

The past few days were pretty tiring.

Thursday - 1st day of work @ Ichiban Sushi. 1030 -330

Learning the ropes, lots of things to remember.

Friday - 2nd day of work. 1030 - 5

Learning more ropes. I get in the way a lot cos I work slow. I wish I could somehow improve overnight. I just get in the way a lot, especially during the lunch hour.

I have never had to cut or wash any vegetable in my life so I think it's taking me especially long to get used to doing this kind of stuff. I guess my sheltered life so far is both a blessing and a curse.

Coming out to do this sort of work is really alien to me. So I guess me doing this is sort of growing up in a sense.

The people there are pretty ok. Kinda boisterous but they're really friendly and helpful. Especially the poor guy assigned to teach me stuff lol.

Doing some math, I have to work at least 20 hours a week for the remaining 4 weeks of holidays in order to meet my target of earning at least $600.

Then after work on Friday, rushed down to tampines for meeting with the TP ppl. Met an old friend / classmate. I had no idea he was in TP. And it was really surprising that he's on the TP JCG committee as well.

I knew something was sorta up when I noticed her messaging so furiously. Aiya.. =/

Meeting got done around 10. Reached home close to midnight. Used lappy for abit, then went to sleep close to 4am.

Woke up today to a thunderstorm and a giant puddle in my room.

Toasted and ate 2 pizzas.

Headed to the POSB branch at Thompson Plaza to open a new bank account.




Oh well, gotta wait for my pay to come in.

Looking forward to being able to buy stuff.

1) semi-acoustic guitar
2) new music player
3) M:tG cards
4) clothes

Yes my messed up priorities. Although I suppose I will have to save some hear and there for a rainy day. And for the future. Guess I will set a target to save each month ? If I decide to continue when school starts. I dunno if I will be able to handle it though.

Oh well, we'll just have to see.


Plastic Tree - Chim Chim Cheree

From the v-rock disney album.

I think its an album where J-rock/VK bands cover songs from Disney movies. Or something. I dunno. =P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Got a haircut today.

The hairdresser convinced me , or should I say I got suckered into trying a new hairstyle lol. Its not bad actually.

She said things like 年轻就是要try. Look like Luo Zhi Xiang. Bla bla lol.

Then I'm like aiya ok lah anything lah.

Anyway. I'm supposed to start work tomorrow. Nervous + anxious + apprehensive + excited + stuff.

Must remember to wear the right attire and shoes.

I think I'm damn stupid today. I wanted to get ruffles but I got lays instead. I see the words 'sour cream and onion' then I just take and pay. Then I only realised when I got home I bought the wrong brand. =(

Plastic Tree - Nemureru Mori

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Now I'm just confused.

Okay its not my fault apparently.

But then I still don't understand what's going on.

So whose fault is it ? What's the problem ? What's the issue ?

I need an automatic update feature so I know what the hell is going on.

Need a textbook for this sort of thing, I think i'll gladly pay for one.


Starting work on Thursday. Got income coming in now ( hopefully ? )

Need some 老子 wisdom.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day by day

Still not feeling too well. Really hope I get out of this soon.

2 things happened today.

1) my high e string snapped.

2) Ichiban Sushi called. Said will call me back next week or something idk. Hope they do, I need moolah. And things to do.

Sian I dunno how to restring a guitar.

Day by day, relax at home. I love this lifestyle LOL.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I will be different, I will be myself

Bus ride home today in silence.

Well not exactly, got music.

1 particular song that I kept going back to.

'kinou to wa chigau kyou nozondemo mukou kara onaji iro no ashita ga kitemo iya ga ou demo boku wa chigau boku ni nareru'

Guess its the flavour of the day song. Or something.


Today when I woke up. I picked up my electric guitar. Tried to sweep all the dust off of it ( and failing ) to sit down and learn a song.

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape.

I could get most of it I think. Doesn't sound good at all though, kept hitting the 1st 'E' string when I'm not supposed. And timing on the solo is quite a way off.

Hardest part for me is the intro. I just cannot get my fingers on the 6th and 9th fret at the same time. Aiya @.@

Fingers hurt.


Then went to meet TP comm at clementi Fish & co.

Not worth my money ah z. I should have just went to school straight to get macs. I will save like.. $10 yeah. It didn't taste bad, but I can't really see why Fish & Co is famous.

Oh well.

Then meeting at school with only 5 people showing up.

Not bad though, got stuff done. Discussed some stuff with the TP ppl.


Still having random stomachaches. Much better though. The pills did help a lot.


Is something I don't believe in.

I still believe there is someone out there who's able to look past appearances and prejudices.

And I believe we will find each other.

Friends ? I don't need to go out making friends. They'll appear in my life naturally when it's time to.

For them I am...

Thankful. And frustrated at times too.

Well, I'm feeling it. The distance.


Looks like the sports drink sodium thing actually does work. Although not miraculously like I would like it to.

Dammit. Guess I need a few more days.

Also I think recently my body has been kinda fucked up.

Been feeling queasy randomly ever since last Friday.

Also can't eat much at all. Half the time the food just won't go down properly. Then no appetite wtf. I'll be hungry then when the food comes just cannot eat properly.

The food today looked so delicious, sadly I can't taste it properly.

Very frustrating.

Was fun though. Watched that psycho movie. Hung around doing random things. Enjoying the company in general.

I think I needed it.

Hope I get better when I wake up.

Thanks for the pills !

And then we're kinda drifting. =(

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shit is about to hit the fan,


I've been crapping water the whole day since I woke up, like every hour. Butt is sore as hell.

Disgusting yeah I know. z

Googling a bit about it.

Apparently its some sort of infection/food poisoning.

Basically I need to drink gatorade or at the very least, water. To prevent myself from getting dehydrated and then I should be fine in a few days.

Few days.

Few days.

I haven't got a few days.


Better get better by tomorrow.

The alternative is pretty bad.


Day 1 is gonna past without any phone call.


Need some luck plz.

L'Arc~en~ciel - Good Luck My Way

I'm so glad I met you in a corner of this changing world
So overwhelmed with emotions that I couldn't put into words
When we meet again, will I be able to get them through to you?
Crossing the distant Rainbow
Good luck my way, to the path we trust

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sleepy Days

Yesterday was the Japanese student even thingy. I don't even know what.

Slept at 3 am. Or tried to sleep at 3am, fell asleep at 5am clutching my phone beside my head so the alarm will ring into my ear and wake me up properly at 6am. Worked like a charm.

Only that I could have woke up 1 hour later. Freakin Issac no update the details on the Facebook page QQ.

Even after eating mac breakfast, I arrived early like 8.10 am. Dunno why I seem to travel so fast when I'm not in a hurry. Lucky got people giving out free newspaper.

The whole thing started out ok. Although the planning was sorta haphazard.

Then went to PS with the 0611 pair job hunting.

Which was the time I started feeling unwell.

Halfway through my yoshinoya meal I had to go to the toilet to puke.

Dunno why but the food just wouldn't stay down.

$5 wasted.

Spent my time waiting for the 0611 pair by waiting outside the shops trying to keep the queasiness down. At least I only had to puke that 1 time.

Then took bus home.

I fell asleep in an awkward position with my head on my right shoulder while HX was talking about the girls in her dating sim. Sorry.

Woke up a few stops before mine with a bit of an aching neck. Ugh.

Reached home and dropped like a rock on my bed straight away. Woke up 3 hours later at midnight. Surfed the net until 3am and went to sleep again until 2pm this afternoon.

Then I went out to get Ba Cor Mee. The store that I frequent closed down so I went to the other one. Not that it doesn't taste as good but its 50 cents more expensive hehe. Its hard to compare the taste cos I feel that the 2 stores have sort of a different flavour.

I slept a lot today as well.

I wish there was live coverage of Pro Tour : Philadelphia though, then I would have something more interesting to do.

I think they may have went to the airport to send the jap students off. I have no attachment to them. Hope they enjoyed sg though.

Have been kinda stumbling around all the time. Like can't wake up 100% nowadays.


CNBLUE - Love Light

Thursday, September 1, 2011


That annoy me.

1) When the bread on my cheese... I mean when the cheese on my bread doesn't melt the way I expect it to. Yeah my mental image of piping hot melted pizza-esque cheese just got totally ruined. I am sad.

2) Judgmental shallow bitches.

I'll try to summarize.

So this woman met a guy on an online dating site. And this guy turns out to be the one-time world champion of M:tG. Also one of the most successful and decorated players in the history of a game. Jon Finkel.

In short. A nerd of sorts.

But then he's also 30+ years old with a stable job ( Hedge-fund manager or something ). Doesn't live in his mom's basement. Made a bunch of money playing magic. And also made money playing in high-level poker tournaments.

In short. Not the typical fat smelly basement dweller nerd stereotype. And he's not even bad looking.

So because he used to actively play a 'nerd' game, this woman decides to write up this bullshit article about their 'dating' experience. What a journalist. Acting like she's too good for him just cos he plays a game about magic and swords and monsters. Guess what woman. He's way more successful in his career than you.

Pretty damn amazing that stereotypes like these still exist in this day and age. Woman, the world is run by nerds now. Not a good idea mocking the 'King Nerd' on the internet. Especially since its the domain of the nerds. Gonna crash and burn.

No loss for Finkel, he's too good for this slimy woman.


My nerd cells are on overdrive.


Turns out the cheese+toast that didn't turn out the way I imagined it would, doesn't taste all that bad. Too bad I was unable to get any proper food.

Didn't get any allowance today and all my cash went towards bill-paying.


I wonder if people actually read all my nerd-rants lol.

Well anyway. Sorry.

I'm thinking.

Why do I want to be in a relationship ?

In a way, trying to figure myself out.

Is it because I like the feeling of having only 1 person beside me ?

Or is it because I like the feeling of having someone in my arms ?

I dunno but somehow I think these are all the wrong reasons.

But then, is a reason even needed ?

Argh. This is confusing.

Tear all my hair out.

Maybe all the reason I need is to meet the person that makes my heart beat faster.


I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that Haizul wrote a blog post entirely in chinese.

what the what what what.

Old Fashioned.

I have a bad feeling.

And I hope that's all it is.

K so. Huixian went clubbing. I SERIOUSLY HOPE NOT BY HERSELF.


Better not get drunk.

I'm sure Haizul ( Hello ! ) remembers what happened the last time.

wo de tian ah.

I reaaaaaaally don't think a girl should go to a club alone.

It's not safe !!

Or maybe my thinking is too old fashioned.

Is my thinking too old fashioned ?


Wo bu zhi dao lah.

Its just so worrisome.


Hope everything turns out fine.

I should stop worrying like an old geezer.


I'm hungry.

I think there's snacks around.

Ordering macs 2 nights in a row isn't good for my finances at all.

The instant noodles I had today were really bad. Tasteless and bland urgh. Eggs couldn't save it.

Tomorrow. I want to go out and get a proper meal.

With meat.

Yes meat. Can't survive without meat.

Om nom nom nom nom.