Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debts repaid.

Sleep debt repaid. Round 12 hours.

Got on the bus last night. Found a sit, head met window and I lost consciousness for half an hour.

Home at nine. Head found the pillow and at long last. SLEEEEEEP , PRECIOUS SLEEP.

I woke up like 2 minutes to answer the phone around 9.30 when mum asked me what I wanted for dinner. I never got to eat it until this morning like 3 hours ago.

Phew so I didn't sleep for.. lets see.. like 24 hours straight.

Hehe now I'm just chilling, feel like I'm healin..

Lolol shameless plagiarism.


Yesterday was a day of achievements.. sort of. Got stuff done lol.

Finished 3DVFX assignment 1 ( sorta )

Finished Filming for DCM ( thanks Hui Jun and Darling Toh )

Finished Filming for PVFX assignment 1 ( they started when I got there lol )

And paid off my sleep debt.

So all is cool.

For now.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rite of unsleep

This is the same thing that happens every night before the deadline of an assignment.

I don't sleep.

Except this time I have a headache, runny nose and sore throat.

Feels like crap honestly.

Damn I wanna crash so badly. But I have 2 things I need to complete, and the snail-pace that the backing up of data on my laptop is isn't helping cos it lags my computer and prevents from running my program.

The backup's been running since 9 and now its at 78% completion.


2 things I need to do.

Make my maya scene look realistic.

Draw storyboard so I can better explain what to Darling Toh what he has to do.


Need tea.

Head still hurts.

Need sleep.

Can't sleep.

No tape.

Need tape.

Or Jay has to remember to bring his handycam for me.

One deadline tomorrow, one deadline next Friday, another deadline the Monday after and the last one on Friday.


Sweet. backup is 80% done.

I need Friday to end quickly.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I open at the close

Sound familiar ?

I am about to die.

6 hours in air-con room didn't help at all.

I wasn't dying before. But I'm dying now.

When I woke up I was feeling ok enough, but just in case, I brought out 2 packets of tissue.

I finished the 2 packets in like 2 hours. FUCK.

So I'm like ok shit, trying my best not to get any 'substances' on my clothes, making like infinite toilet trips to blow my nose.



Long story short, I fucked up, I paid the price.

Moving on.


Did I mention I'm dying ?

Hold on, I feel a big sneeze coming up.


Speculating on what might be the cause of death.

1) Eating KFC last night. The Macdonald's god must be unhappy because he thinks I've defected, so he struck me down with a curse.


That's all I got.

And I think that's the most plausible explanation.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shout it Out


Today was a really peaceful and quiet day.

Woke up at 10 in time for school. And then went home straight after school.

And slept more lol.

And then woke up to lepak and do some work.

Lol boring day actually.

Going home today, I took a different route. I took train to clementi and then took bus 52 home.

The bus ride is noticeably faster but I don't fancy having to change transport. And 52 doesn't have any double deckers. EFF

But hey, taking 52 today sort of paid off.

Passing by NP, I met a good friend from sec school. He was sitting with a friend/girlfriend so I didn't get a chance to talk to him but still, a friendly nod, wave and smile is pretty good.

And there was this girl beside me who fell asleep on me.. sort of. So I was like trying to squeeze myself as close to the window as possible so she won't actually sleep on my shoulder.

My shoulder's not just for anyone lol.


Karaoke in 13 or so hours.

And my left eye kinda hurts. Guess I gotta sleep if I'm gonna drag myself up tomorrow.

And well, since I don't actually have anything much better to do, I'm making a return to M:tG.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Patched up clockwork

1 hour break now, at the worst time possible. It's so crowded now seriously. So instead of getting lunch I'm here in the lab writing this.

If I'm hungry I'll just self-declare me a break time so its cool.


I've taken it back. And I've fixed it up a some. The cracks are still really obvious and visible. But at least its in 1 piece.

And for now, I'll hold on to it. I won't give it away. Until the repair person comes to fix it up for real.

It's a patched up piece of clockwork. But it's better than having a broken one.

It feels good, to have a whole heart, instead of one that's been sundered, broken and smashed.

Lol, until the next time perhaps.


And sometimes. I feel like I'm the odd one out.

When we were at HX's place yesterday.

There were 2 female best friends, and an extra guy.

That's what it seemed like to me.

Like being left out.

I can't even really place where or why I got the feeling out of nowhere.

Not that yesterday wasn't fun. It was.

I'm probably just over thinking things again.

But then, uncertainty is and has always been a part of me.


HX's having driving practical today.

Good luck to her.

3rd time's the charm maybe ?

Huixian, stay strong.


Oh snap, my neoprints, some of the colour came off



I want to forget it all, but I can't, I wonder what is this feeling called?
My chest is restless, it brings me memories
I wonder what is this feeling called?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tempered Steel

I realize, that I've been so caught up in my problems and my 'new found freedom'.

So much so that, I've been rather oblivious to some of the going-ons around me.

I really haven't been being a good friend these past few weeks.

And I'm so disappointed with myself.

I knew that problems were bound to show up. But I didn't know the extent of it. I should have realized, but I didn't.

I've screwed up so many things that I can't undo.

But most of all, I don't want to screw up my being a friend.

It's the only thing I can do now. But I don't even know if I'm doing it well.

I guess we're all at a crossroads.

Things have happened.

Everyone's in some sort of mess.

What's gonna happen next ?

I don't know what to do.

Friday, July 22, 2011


For once, I'm glad to be able to be of some help.

mune ga sawagashii demo natsukashii

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zaza Furi, Zaza Nari

The song I'm addicted to at the moment.

>>>> in the sidebar. 1st song on the list.


Haha, 1st time in my life that someone gets jealous over me LOL. Should I be pleased ?

I dunno, that's quite amusing though.

Life is peaceful so far. School-home-school-home-school-home.

How very fulfilling.

Assignment deadlines coming up. Not worried. I always pull through. I'm rather confident in my ability to last minute complete work. Although the results may not be so great. But I'm working on it.

There's lots of stuff to do. For me and for everyone else.

I'd like to hang out with my friends more but it everyone's got stuff on and times and well, our schedules just don't give us the chance.

Especially with Huixian and Haizul. We should just sit on a bus and talk nonsense sometime.

But even so, right now I feel so much more carefree than before.

Weird huh.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Warriors of the night ! Assemble !


Finally played proper DoTA.

With Darren Toh and some of his friends. Not bad not bad, they're friendly enough.
Although I'm never ever gonna go to Boon Lay to play DoTA ever again. lol.

It was a hard fought game that we won.

Fyeah PoTM.

Favourite hero forever.


Movies shown today quite interesting.

I like the one where the 4 guys tried to rob a bank. That was funny as hell.

The other movie.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Not so much.

I just don't like the 'bunch of ppl in secluded place kill each other off' genre.

Then Toothless boy raged. Entertaining as always. Although I don't think he knows that people don't take him seriously at all.

And I was starting to think he's not that bad after all.


LOL what I am thinking LOL.

So last year's joke is still this year's joke huh.


The Mac n' Cheese wasn't bad.

Appreciate the thought =D.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moonlight Shadow

Today. Not really a good day. But not really a bad day either.

We bumped into each other on the corridor. Sort of.

Our eyes met for a moment. Then she turned away and kept walking. Not bothering to acknowledge my small nod towards her.

Like I don't exist.

But that's fine. It doesn't bother me as much anymore.

Even though the feelings linger. I've resigned myself to the inevitable.

This struggle has been long and painful.

And in the end, I came out the loser by a landslide.

But I guess that's just life. More often than not, you just lose.

But with each loss. Every little victory becomes that much more precious.

I've fallen. But I'll get back up. And keep walking.


I want play DoTA =(

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Green tea with milk

Today was a good day.

Even if it was just like 10 minutes or something.

Hung out for a little bit with Hui Jun, Darren and Helmet. Oh and Zhen Wei.

They got me.. er what was it called.. 4 seasons green tea with milk or something like that.

It's not bad.

It tasted much better than I thought it would actually, thanks to bad experiences with Pokka's milk green tea.

Yea, that was pretty damn disgusting.

So yeah, we sat down there for like 10 minutes talking nonsense.

Helmet skips school almost as boss as me lol. He's pretty cool.


Modeled my guitar some more.

Still looks really bad. I'm about halfway done modelling. But that's the easiest part.

Still need texturing and whatnot. Annoying.

And then need to find someone to act for my mentos commercial.

I'm thinking Zhen Wei and Hui Jun's darling toh. Hehe.

Need to ask him sometime.


As for me. I'm doing ok.

We haven't seen or spoken to each other for some time. And I think staying like that is for the best.

It's hard. But there's no way around it.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year

Filming today.

Had to wake up at 8.30 and reach Bukit Gombak by 11.

Good damn thing I was able to sleep on the bus all the way to Clementi.

Finished today's filming at 2.30pm.

It was hot as hell.

Then took the train all the way back to Bishan to get a new pair of converses.

Hell yeah, new shoes, finally.

About time dammit.

Bought the cheapest one cos mom is a scrooge and will nag me forever and a day after that if I spend $80 on shoes.

But still, pretty happy with what I got.


My favourite song this time last year...

If I recall right..

It should be this one

Plastic Tree - Alone again, Wonderful World

And yay, we're finally done with the 30 songs.

I guess that means no more daily(almost) updates.

day 29 - a song from your childhood

I survived without sleep until 5pm.

Yay me.

Then came home and totally KO-ed.


Weather was totally hot today. Even for me, I couldn't wait to get out of the sun.

Anyway, I went to play the Magic 2012 pre-release.

I did pretty ok considering my lack of sleep.

went 2-1-1

2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss out of 4 rounds.

Got my money's worth.

Made a few deals and trades here and there.

All in all, pretty good pretty good.


A song from my childhood.

Define the age range of childhood ?

Ok fine. A song from before I was a teenager should be appropriate.

Digimon 01- Brave Heart

Friday, July 8, 2011

day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty

I had dinner with some of my secondary school friends today.

A whopping 5 out of 40 showed up. Hell yeah.

Went to Billy Bomber's. Shout out to Billy who doesn't know the existence of this blog ( i hope ).

Got insulted by Yang like a boss LOL.

1st time we see each other in ages and he slings insults at me like a machine gun.

Reminds me of the good old days.

3 hours of reminiscence.

It was short, but it was fun.

And hopefully/definitely, we'll see each other again.

Well after dinner they went clubbing and I went home.

I have to wake up early tomorrow. And I dislike clubs anyway.


A song that makes me feel guilty.

KHR soundtrack - Standing Friends

Just cause.. I feel that sometimes I'm just not really a good friend.
Not a person that my friends will want to stand with through everything.
And I haven't been much of a friend.
Most of the time. I'm just helpless.
And I cause trouble even if I don't mean to.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

day 27 - a song that you wish you could play

Yay !

I made it through an entire day of school 9-6.

So proud, so proud.

Of course, with help from a few short naps here and there.

Its surprisingly easy to just fall asleep lol.

Now I'm hungry. =x


A song I wish I could play.

There's like tonnes of those.


This one then.

the GazettE - Pledge

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument

Watched Transformers today with Graeme.

Story was lacking. But who the hell cares right.

Imba robot bashing, metal slagging action.

Boom chika chika boom, bang bang, zung zwang szaaaaaark. Bish Bash Bosh.

Hell yeah.

Nerd's dream movie.


Testing my conviction.

I have to start making school count.

Wake up on time.

Go to school on time.

Sleep less in class.

C'mon I can do this.

I did it for 10 years of my life already.


The song that I can play on an instrument.

This one is a no brainer.

Nothing else to choose from LOL.

Cept that I can only sorta kinda play it.

SID - Hoshi No Miyako

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Shout out to the person who never drink green bean soup before.
This song's for you.
You're a wonderful friend to have.
Hell yeah 92 Magikarps \m/

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

day 25 - a song that makes you laugh


Scare myself for nothing.

Turns out its just about some committee reshuffle thing.

I'm temporarily / almost certainly permanently not the VP anymore. *shrug*

No surprise, that's cool, no biggie.

Being a random drifter isn't bad.


A song that makes me laugh.

How do songs make people laugh ?

I don't understand 3/4 the songs I listen to.

Lol maybe an old classic.


day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral

1st day of school.

Uneventful. The usual Sunday night insomnia kept me up until 4am.
Unproductive. Slept 1/3 the day away in class. Which is kinda an improvement cos I usually sleep 1/2 the day away in class.

I wonder what Issac wants to talk to me about tomorrow.
And even more I wonder what Samantha has to do with it.

I dunno.

I'm getting bad vibes.

All the possible bad scenarios are going through my head right now.

I sincerely hope none of them come true.


A song I wanna play on my funeral.


My Chemical Romance - Cancer

Cos the hardest part of this...
Is leaving you...


I should get to writing/trying to write those lyrics sometime.

I had some lines in my head somewhere.. but they disappeared D:

Found them.

close your eyes, everything disappears
close your eyes, I'll make things better
close your eyes, sleep by my side... we'll get through this together.

through the seasons, through the days
Nothing else matters but you and I
And we'll open our eyes to a brighter future

That's all I got for now.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding

I'm exhausted. I don't know why.

Even after waking up at 1pm.

I took like 3 naps already today. About 2 hours each.

But I still feel really really tired now.

And I'm not even sick or anything.

Maybe I'm falling sick. I dunno, all the normal symptoms aren't here.

Damn I'm yawning again.

Guess I can sleep early tonight in preparation for school tomorrow.


Well... during the time I wasn't sleeping, I finished the book Haizul gave me, 'The Perks of being a Wallflower'

It was really interesting. How charlie went about his life. What he saw. What he thought. What he did.

I thought he was some goody two shoes kid but then he started smoking lol.

There were funny moments, and there were some kinda crazy and really sad moments.

It must have been crazy. The kind of guilt that hit him when his aunt died while driving out to get him a present.

And all his best friends moving on ahead to college. But he had great friends.


The song.. that I would like to be played at my wedding.


Let me think on this for a bit.

Got it.

FT Island - I confess


Strangely, I feel a little bit more awake now after writing this.

day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad

Quite possibly.

The best ballad I have ever listened to in my life.


Most positively.

And I don't just listen to it when I'm sad.

Anytime its quiet. Earpieces in, eyes closed. Listening to this.

Transcending sadness and sorrow.

Its a peaceful feeling.

The same kind of feeling that she gives me.

Plastic Tree - Spica

Friday, July 1, 2011

day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy

Hmm.. going through my playlist.

There's no song that I particularly listen to when I'm happy.

Then again. I'm not happy that often.

There's been ups and downs. Kinda the same both sides.

I'm like.. living in my own world. Where everything doesn't happen according to the 'rules' of the world.

Big things don't affect me much.

Its the small things I notice that affect me most.

I think its kinda seasonal with me. lol.

But the 'happy' song I listen to most.. I guess I do have one. Its upbeat and sounds cheery enough even though the lyrics don't really mean it.

But then I guess its a song I or anyone can relate to.

The KIDDIE - God Bless You !!

Living is super easy Just make it so you don't need anything
While you're frustrated they say you should just sleep it off