Saturday, January 29, 2011


Someone who doesn't know me or ever did anything to me. Simply cos he's the boyfriend of the girl I love.

Not cool but I don't give a flying fuck.

Plastic Tree - Hate Red, Dip It

pursue me further; grasp my hand lightly, and melt my numbed chest
surely i'd been laughing emptily, since always; i'm here - discover me, please
hello, hello, hello

Finished Norwegian Wood, not exactly what I expected, but it was great.

Monday, January 24, 2011

So long

It has been so long, since I talked to you on msn, not counting that project discussion last week.

You're the only one that I really want to talk to.

It has been a few weeks I guess. Maybe its not that long, it was like eternity for me. Yours is the 1st name I look for everyday when I sign in.

More often that not, its blank, white. And I'm like .. =(

In that regard, I was really happy to be able to talk to you online again today. I wish I could talk to you in person more. But the time I have together with you, is too short.

Small snippets of 1 min conversations do not satisfy me.

I want to be beside you.
I want to protect you.

I want to see you smile.
I hate seeing you in frowning pain.
If I could, I would take it all for you.

After all, you are most beautiful when you smile

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


-The light that keeps me going through this dark tunnel-

I think I can enjoy working in this subcomm, peeps are ok. And she's there. Which is the best part.

Everytime I see her smile... /melt, and i sprout wings and fly. Freakin red bull got nothing on this.

Damn I'll be glad when this AY is over, too much shit to do. So much freakin drama to handle.
I hope i get through this last few months properly.

Which reminds me : New Year's resolutions. Not gonna have any.
why make them when you never gonna accomplish them anyway.

Sunday - looked like an idiot during chado, shitz
Monday - go school for 2 hours
Tuesday - slept at 4 am, woke up late for gems T.T noooooooooooooo
wednesday - Lepak, pretty uneventful. Pretty ok day. Too lepak

Norwegian Wood in march, hope it actually happens.

So, I'm not gonna come up with resolutions, but I came up with a list of stuff I wanna do during the holidays.

1) Read more, seriously, haven't settle down with a proper book in ages.
2) Get a job perhaps.
3) Finish all the epic games I have never played due to not having a DS
4) get my own DS
5) practice guitar properly
6) wake up past noon or thereabouts everyday
7) enjoy life in general

I fall for you more
everytime I see your smile
sweet, adorable
my light
I've found it


Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun stuff.

I have a DS now ! Borrowed from HuiXian, haven't played anything yet, other than Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It's pretty cool, the 1st 2 hours or so, I failed pretty hard at jumping. =/
Was pretty hilarious though, for HuiXian especially.

I like the teamplay element where you sorta need every class to do the dungeons thoroughly. And the character sprites are pretty damn cute. I'm using some weird bubble thrower person with no face, but does pretty high damage. I'm looking forward to FFTA2 and pokemon soulsilver xD.

Here's to more epic DS partying times !

Today, I felt your warm hand on my arm, and my heart soared for a moment.
And I can't help but to wish. For my hand and yours to be intertwined.

Maybe the story hasn't ended yet. Maybe there is another ending to be unlocked.

I wish for you, even now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Giving gifts to those special people were totally worth it. Especially after seeing their happy faces.
I think that is a pretty good Christmas gift to myself.

Soo... what did I get for them :

For jasmine - a cupcake recipe book
For Haizul - A novel buy a Japanese writer
For HuiXian - SNSD live performance DVD with epic lolz chinese subtitles

For my cute gems classmates :
Fizah- a Monkey Keychain thingamajig
and for Sam - A puppy Keychain and a compilation of short stories.

All finished with a personal message and done up in my fail gift-wrapping abilities.

Watching their reactions and expressions upon receiving the gifts were so funny. Very gratifying I have to say.

Special presents specially picked for special people.

Well its late, and I'm tired, so.


See this dream in order to awaken
You reached out your hand to the future
Grab it Set it free Search repeatedly
Don't think of dark colors while you're repainting it
Memory Bonds Repetition and wishes
Future Colors We continue to paint them

Monday, January 3, 2011

And here we go again

School has started already. Spent half of my drawing lesson on my PSP lol. Then decided to ponteng 3D fundamentals just for the heck of it. I mean who wants to have a 4 hour class on the 1st day back ? Not me FO' SURE.

Yes, ponteng-ed like a boss. Like a damn big boss.

Lazed around a lot when I'm back at home, mostly on the PSP. Who knew frikkin yu-gi-oh on psp is so addictive.

Finished wrapping the really late Christmas presents. Did a right horrible job of it. Should never get a guy to wrap stuff. Will not turn out well. Unless its just me, which I really doubt so. Hope can find the recipients tomorrow.

And tomorrow is gems day again. Yay for favourite class.

Work is piling up and I'm not feeling any urgency at all. What's wrong with me I wonder ?


The making of 'Mirai Iro'

Lucky kids.