Thursday, September 30, 2010


Never thought I'd say this but, there's actually a soup BCM ( Ba Cor Mee ) that I like. Bedok 85 !

Woke up really late yesterday, so I didn't get in my 1 hour of practice =P. That means double time today. I'm thinking of trying something new today. Alone again, Wonderful World and / or American Idiot and / or makka na ito.

Ah.. lazy, but gotta step out later to go pay bills. And I really need to get started on GDP's 101 ideas thingy.

Urrrrrrrgh.. camp's next week. I was looking forward to it, but now I'm not so sure, not when there's a big damn gang of otakus showing up. Would look forward to it a lot more if somebody was going, but not gonna get my hopes up.

I closed my eyes, stored the various images of you in the depths of my pupils.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thoughts about blogs and other stuff

Part 1:

Where to start .. where to start.. hmm

Well, before i started this blog i thought blogging was kinda a stupid thing to do. I mean, why publicize your life on the internet for people to read about. And then i started one myself. I forgot how it happened, but i started one of my own.

After using it for a few months, i discovered the true purpose of keeping a blog ( to me at least ).
It is a place for me to write (type) out everything that i cannot or am unable to say in real life.
The feelings that i am unable to express, the memories good or bad that i do not want to forget, the events that affected me or had an impact on my life, or just complaining about the crap that happens in general.

That's that, thanks blog, love ya.

Part 2 :

Been learning a song on my guitar. Holiday by Green Day. I roughly got it down i think. 'Cept that i'm not sure if I'm doing the power chords right. And i got no friggin idea how to do the solo.
Guy on Youtube didn't teach me that part sadly. Other then that, I think I'm doing fine.

Part 3 :

Surprise surprise, logging on at 10.30 am, and there you are. Then i just stoned for like 10 minutes thinking of how best to start a conversation. You are, as usual , a bright spark in my dreary life. For this 1 hour or so at least, if not for you, i would have been bored out of my mind.

Whenever I see you laughing with your friends, I wish I could be there beside you, laughing together, rather than just watching wistfully from a distance.

[THROBBING] feeling,falling in love
Always far away, your innocent smile
No matter how much I think already you're unreachable

Friday, September 24, 2010

Where'd you go, i miss you so..

Ok. 5 Months after i bought my guitar, i can finally play a few simple tunes. Not even full songs at that. Just short, simple tunes. But, it's really rather fun. I'm learning off youtube. I didn't think it was the best way to learn, but it's really quite helpful. Now my dream of being a proper guitarist is only a few years away =D

Think my body clock is kinda screwed up during holidays. Wake up at 11 am, lunch at 3pm, dinner at 10pm. Think waking up really really late does that to a person.

1st week of the 'official' holidays are over. Still lots of stuff to do. GDP.. gotta work out a bit as well. Keep myself fit and healthy. I haven't exercised in ages. Wonder if i can even run 1.6 km anymore. Sneezing like mad while I'm writing ( typing ) this. Uh..oh

It stormed like mad today. Lucky i already arrived at my destination (food court) before it started. Nevertheless, i was stuck there for more than 2 hours before i could head home. I really dislike the weather nowadays. So funky and unpredictable. To make matters worse, the hole in my roof opened again due to all the rain. Pfft, got a little puddle in the middle of the room whenever it rains.

You haven't been on for 2 days which means i haven't talked to you for 2 days. Today makes 3 soo... keeping my fingers crossed. I don't get to see you often enough.. so MSN and SMS are my only options which i guess is kinda weird huh ?

Was hanging out with a good friend/neighbour yesterday at my and/or his place. He told me about this girl he liked. Well I could hardly give him advice and stuff since I've got no experience at all with this sort of thing. Yea well, he clearly got along well enough with the lady. Good enough for her to SMSed him for a chat while she was bored. At that moment i realised. All the conversations between us, SMS or MSN were started by me. Thinking about that, i guess i really am kinda envious of this friend of mine.

I wonder if the relationship between us would even reach that stage where you'll turn to me to confide in me or just chat randomly at all.

Just what am I in your eyes ? Can i be barely even considered as a friend ? I sure hope that's the least i am.

As of now 25th September 12.58 am, its been more than 3 days.
Where'd you go.. I miss you so..

SID - Dear Tokyo

Looks like a small gig, and the audience is all males. Think its a special concert or something.

What I did today, What I did for the whole of today
Looks like I can puff out my chest and be proud
Finally discovered, finally discovered the things I am shouldered with  
The things I want to protect 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You took my breath away again. The things you do or say are just so overwhelmingly adorable sometimes. Now i'm falling for you even more.

And yea, you look really really cute with that cap, really suits you, makes you cuter than you alrdy are =P. I think i just melted when i saw that display pic.

Think I'm blogging too much mushy stuffs recently, shall try and tone it down.

Really wanna watch that new Gundam 00 movie, " Awakening of the trailblazer" looks really cool. Sick animation and all that.

The new 00 [Q]ant looks sick. Though Exia's still my favourite from the series.

My laptop tio bluescreened a few times these past few days. Think its about to die again. Really think i should persuade my parents to get a new one.

i want a DS so i can play pokemon =D

SID - Higasa

another really emotional song

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I miss you

10 seconds is not enough. If only i could have had more time with you, there's so much i want to say and do. My heart skips a beat when i see your amazing smile =P

Ha, more wishful thinking from me.

On the bright side - Manchester united 3-2 Liverpool

Berbatov HAT TRICK !

SID - Hanabira

another beautiful song by SID

Sing of the present  Let's sing together
Because you're getting through to me  Even if you can't make  A sound

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Wake up at like 7.20 am, unearthly time to wake up on a Sunday morning. Took bus to Clementi , one of the 1st ones there as usual.

seiransei in 3 words : Tiring, Crowded, Fun

Tio drag around to parts of sg i never been to before ( Dakota ). Big food centre there, food looked pretty good although i could only afford a cup of sugar cane drink.

Epic tofu cheesecake at clarke Quay !

Then sit at mrt station steps chit-chatting / gossiping lolz.

Saw you just as we ( me and my group ) were about to leave seiransei. We saw each other at the same time. First time you noticed me without me waving 1st. 10 seconds. All i could manage was "Hi" and " Bye, we're leaving now". Ah, i fail at keeping a conversation. Maybe its just the kinda effect you have on me. I wanted to say more, but i got tongue-tied =(

Even so - Happiest 10 seconds of the day.

Would have really liked to see you in the uniform, i bet you'll look really cute in it

smile smile smile
When you want to cry, it’s ok to weep with all your might!
smile smile smile
Be the way you are, the way you want to be! oh oh
smile smile smile
No matter how hard it is, it’s all right ’cause you’re not alone
smile smile smile
Your smiling face is what saves me

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun stuff

Friday -
Plaza sing with billy and darren to shop for ZA's birthday present. Then head to keith's house for steamboat. Cockfest as usual lolz.


JCC meeting @ pasir ris. 1st one there as usual. Went Mac's and write stuff for Enqi ( Nooooooo jasmine, not that sia suay pic ) Went aloha loyang book chalet, go field play frisbee. Go enqi's chalet sit around abit and eat some food. Jasmine's frnd says i look otaku-ish ? Firetruck.

All in all, a pretty fun 2 days. Seiransei tmr. Need sleep somewhat early, waking up at 7.30.

SID- Yell

The 1st song of theirs that i have ever heard, and what made me into the person that loves their music.

With what little ability i have, and all my might
I try to speak of my pining for you

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogging in the morn--afternoon

Well i'm glad you're ok. If ever feeling sad, just remember "smile, smile, smile". And well even though you're probably not gonna talk to me about your problems. I'm always there.

You're not alone  Surely you're not alone
From the day your voice reached me  I've needed you

Monochrome no kiss - SID

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thoughts of dreams

I really really dislike having really nice dreams. The happy thoughts from the dreams come crashing down to earth when i wake up. I would rather not dream happy dreams if that's what the outcome is gonna be.

It's happened many many times and it's really quite frustrating when i wake up. Then i wish so badly that the dream was real.

I wake up smiling, and then i realise ..its a dream. Crap

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waking up early

Had to wake up at 8 am today to go attend my cousin's wedding .. something. Serving tea to relatives, dunno what its called. Then went home to sleep for 2 hours before attending the Lunch Banquet at Goodwood Park. Food was ok, pretty standard stuff.

Table next to mine had the loudest bunch of aunties ever, chugging red wine like its beer. So unrefined. And generally making a nuisance of themselves. Red wine is so wasted on them. wth

Then went home to sleep some more haha. Woke up after 7 pm.

“Be yourself” and betray yourself!
A story where imagination is surpassed
When you’re tied up, burst out!
The life size of your present condition

The daybreak has come. The opening of a new today
The rain will stop soon. There’s no such thing as rain that doesn’t stop, so keep going forward!

“a custom-made gr8 story”

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Gotta redo that damn NEC cos Leon gave me and F for it. To top that off MoGraph -20 marks cos of copyright issues... daaaaaaaamn.

Got a freakin hard time redoing the NEC, i jus can't think of any decent ideas. Got until monday to complete it and hand it in.. so yea.. hope i can think of something decent by then.

I swear if leon gives me F again, i'll assassinate him.

Kagrra, - Shizuku

Ah, that’s it. I’m such a person.
Before meeting you, I hated myself
So inside the most important place in my heart,
I call out your name.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday night, i dreamed a wonderful dream, it was honestly the best dream i had in ages.
It involved you and me, on the upper deck of a double decker bus and you had accepted me.

An embrace and holding hands. In the dream, it felt so real.. our embrace, your hand in mine.

And then i woke up and realized it was all a dream.. FML

from =D to D=

Bleah, things are so awkward now

I wrote a text I won’t send.

If I close my phone, the time flashes.

How am I reflected in the eyes of the unknowing you, I wonder ?

Inside the constant flowing spiral of time
A droplet of warmth from you
Flows down my back
A dream that pierces my heart

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm making no headway whatsoever .. Pfft

My fave soundtrack from Hitman Reborn...

Tsuna Awakens

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can't sleep

Can't sleep, so i'm posting. Life at home kinda sucks. Bored much. Mum got angry at me cos i wasn't listening to her. Like hell its my fault you can't see i've got earphones on. Honestly amazed at her lack of common sense, even though she's my mother. Honestly its just so damn stupid sometimes, dunno whether to laugh or cry.

I'm so bored at home nowadays, its frustrating. Most of my friend's have exams, so its kinda like a week of solitude. Oh well, its good to be alone....... sometimes...

There's this band i've been getting into recently - Kagrra,
Combining j-rock elements with the usage of classical instruments, makes for a really unique sound. I'm really enjoying their music.

And then there's Plastic Tree, dug up some really amazing stuff of theirs, especially "Makka na Ito" Holy cow that song's pretty darn amazing.

-Sometimes i wonder, does it bother you when i keep trying to make conversation ?- Something that keeps popping into my mind like some bothersome pest. Grrrr

Everyone of us have a brush
called "personality"
Look, with a little bravery you can change it into any color
Let's paint our feelings

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping ?

Topman Checked shirt with hoodie - $93 T.T
Uniqlo plain orange long-sleeved shirt - $15 =D

Walked around jurong point abit, saw some nice stuff but couldnt find what i wanted so yea..
move to ion orchard haha. Finally found what i wanted in Topman but holy cow $93 decided to get it after debating with myself for like 15 minutes.

So much stuff i saw in Uniqlo i wanted to get but only got $100 =(
Too bad then, wait for the next time.

Still missing you =(

Ah, I was talking in delirium~ I called your name, repeating it like a spell
Ah, I can’t forget Aa Your voice, all your faces, all spinning within my heart